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I guess you could say I’m both...or at least I was. Things are a little different at the moment...but at the same time, not much has changed.

I’m not making sense, I know...maybe it’s the drugs talking. I’m pretty much healed after everything that happened, but they’ve still got me in the hospital to monitor my condition. But back to the subject...Destiny. That’s what I was chasing, even while it was chasing me.

I spent five weeks pursuing the visions, Sylar, Claire, my brother...Claude, Noah Bennet...I spent five weeks chasing all of them, and all I was really doing was looking for my purpose. I knew I had something that I was supposed to do...something big, something *huge*, something that would save the world.

It started with a cheerleader, and it ended with me. More specifically...it ended with my brother.

My problem was trying to stop what happened. That’s where I went wrong. It’s why I could save Claire but not myself from both of our ultimate fates. I didn’t stop what happened to her...I only changed it. A girl still died, but Claire didn’t.

I didn’t stop myself from going nuclear. I couldn’t...but Nathan? He changed it.

I saved the cheerleader so that *we* could save the world. I did my part...and he did his. Just like I knew he would from the beginning.

Hunter, hunted...in the end? It doesn’t really matter. There’s no running from Destiny, and chasing it down? It’s pretty much a catch 22. You chase it, it hunts you...the snake is forever eating its tail.

One way or another...your fate will always find you. How it finds you? *That’s* the choice. That’s what separates the strong from the weak...the heroes from the villains.

Muse: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: HEROES
Words: 302


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