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((ooc: AU-ish one shot of Adam/Peter love set in the Eden-verse, morning after Adam's inebriated journey into the snow. AH LUFF JOO, BRIA! :P))

Peter barely slept, and woke still feeling exhausted, troubled by the events of the night before. Adam's health, mental and emotional, was a growing concern for him. His thoughts were always so closely guarded, and his actions...they gave him far too much to think about. He was drinking, so tortured by recent events...

...and then, of course, there was the study.

Peter was reading far too much into a few errant touches...a hand on his, a thumb sweeping over his wrist, a friendly embrace...

Tugging on a pair of jeans, Peter tried to shrug it off for just a little while as he grabbed a long-sleeve thermal out of the bureau and tugged it on over his head as he padded barefoot out of his room and made his way towards Adam's library. He was, in all likelihood, holed up in there already, sweating over something. He just hoped he remembered to grab some breakfast...

Suddenly solid wood collided with his face, knocking Peter backwards and flat on his ass with a surprised shout of pain as he grabbed his nose, fingers growing slick and warm with blood. It took nearly a full minute for the surprise to wear off before he realized he had, without meaning to, teleported himself into the hall...and walked straight into the door of Adam's library. It rarely happened anymore, and usually he caught it in time if he did...

...he'd been so eager to see Adam, his thoughts so wrapped up in the other man, that he'd zapped himself straight to his door.

"Son of a bitch." he cursed under his breath as he got to his feet. His nose was throbbing, but the pain was already fading, the flow of blood from the broken cartilage and bone stopping as tissue mended and knit itself back together again.

Before Peter could knock (however unnecessary it might be after the noise he'd made), the door opened in front of him, revealing Adam in the doorway.

"Uh...hi." he greeted him sheepishly, his voice nasal as he gestured to his face. "I, uh...yeah, the door came out of nowhere. Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you..."


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