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NOTE: This piece is crack. Pure, unmitigated crack because Peter, in his infinite wisdom, decided somewhere that he wanted to join the circus. Set in early S2, goes AU when Peter isn't found by Irish mobsters, but carnies instead. Enjoy the madness.

It still frightens him every time he lifts the wand tipped in flame.

He gave up on swallowing swords early on, even though he could execute it without much trouble. He could cover when he sliced something important if he absolutely had to, but the feeling of being cut inside and choking on his own blood was unbearable. He hated the feeling of death too close, too present…

Eating fire is easier. Hurts like hell, but he can deal with being burned. Quick and biting pain over the slow and suffocating feel of bleeding out from the inside.

Sometimes he wonders if he’s remembering something because of that preference for fire over blood…he still knows no more or less than the contents of the box that Seamus gave him when he came through on the grift he’d set up…proven himself to be carny by reading the mark’s thoughts and playing him like he’d been told to do. It was saving Seamus’s wife, though, that had made him more than carny, but family. Peter still hated to think about what could have happened if that car had hit her…

Peter. The name still meant nothing to him, even though the rest of the crew had taken to calling him that instead of ‘Flash,’ the nickname he’d earned with that first bolt of electricity that flew from his fingers. That scared him, too.

Fire and lightning feel the same…like life and death, at his fingertips and in his belly, burning white-hot and powerful. He knows he can handle them both…consuming flame, sending countless sparks flying.

Eating fire still frightens him every time the flames touch his lips because it makes him feel like God. And something about that…something about feeling that powerful and that enormous frightens the hell out of him.

He deals with it by reminding himself that no man can play God…but no matter how often he repeats it, the thought never completely comforts him.

Muse: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: Heroes
Words: 325


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