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"I've been up here all night thinking about this. Thinking about my destiny."

"It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!"

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Name:Peter Petrelli
Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:New York, United States of America

PETER PETRELLI is a hospice nurse living in New York City. Compassionate, imaginative and gentle, he's a dreamer by nature and an optimist at heart. Until recently, he was relatively content with his life...until the day he discovered that there was something about him that just wasn't normal.

Upon discovering he had a superhuman gift and learning that his brother, Nathan, was similarly gifted, Peter became convinced he had a destiny greater that simply making a difference in human lives, one soul at a time. The visions painted by artist Isaac Mendez only reinforced his convictions, ultimately leading him on the path that would take him across the country and back again.

First he saved the cheerleader so that he could save the world. Then he stood against a madman and lost. Now he's saving the world from a much greater threat than the homicidal madman known as Sylar.

Peter has to save the world...from himself.

* * * * *

Peter is an empathic mimic. He has the ability to replicate in himself the superhuman abilities of those around him. Close physical proximity is all it takes to allow his body to genetically reproduce the gifts of others and make them his own to call forth at will.

Among his acquired powers are:

-teleportation/time travel (Hiro Nakamura)
-precognition (Isaac Mendez)
-persuasion (Eden McCain)
-superhuman strength (Nikki Sanders)
-spontaneous regeneration (Claire Bennet)
-invisibility ("Claude Raines")
-flying (Nathan Petrelli)
-telepathy (Matt Parkman)
-telekinesis (Sylar)
-nuclear conduit [can channel and generate radioactive energy] (Ted Sprague)

Peter also experiences vivid dreams ranging from realistic to abstract, all of them generally predictive. There is also evidence that Peter's dreams involve an element of time travel, astral projection, or possibly even both. The nature and origin of these visionary dreams remains unknown.

* * * * * * * * * * *

PETER PETRELLI is a participant at muses_gonewild and eclecticmuses
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