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Wake up cold coffee and juice
Remembering you
What happened to you?

They bring him food every day...three square meals, all of them wonderful. He’s really not in any position to enjoy them as much as they probably hope he will, but he does notice them. The hardest meal, though, is breakfast.

They bring him coffee every day....coffee and juice. Every day, just a few hours before he gets his morning meds, they bring his meal...grapefruit and a bagel, his favorite stand-by. They even bring his favorite brand of cream cheese...and, of course, a large cup of coffee with a glass of fresh orange juice.

He can’t help but wonder if it’s intentional...if maybe Lorelai and Rory somehow found him here, since they haven’t yet allowed Peter to contact his family. Maybe Lorelai found out he was here, maybe Rory’s trying to reach him through her. Maybe it’s a message from the outside world saying that he’s still needed...still remembered.

When the bitter, earthy flavor of the coffee touches his tongue, he wonders if she thinks of him as often as he thinks of her. He wonders, with every tart sip of his juice, if she thinks about their morning breakfasts the same way he does...lots of coffee for them both, his bagel and her muffin...and, of course, his orange juice. So, as he loved to tease, when the coffee gave him an ulcer and it finally perforated, at least the blood he puked up would be a nice citrus flavor.

Rory...she’s all he thinks of anymore. It’s her he thinks of when the voice touches his ears through a drainpipe and six to ten inches of solid concrete as he stared at his morning juice and coffee, using words like ‘prisoner’ for the first time.

It’s those breakfasts he remembers as the voice starts talking about escape.

And it’s Rory and those breakfasts he’s remembering when, with a large, scalding swallow of his coffee, he finally agrees to stop taking his medication.

Muse: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: HEROES
Words: 330


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